Comment fonctionne PIZZADOORThe customer chooses a warm or cold pizza, among the offer presented on the high-definition screen of 71 cms. He makes his payment by using one of the following payment conditions:

  • by credit card via electronic payment system,
  • or in cash via a forger and a bank notes reader ,
  • or by the debit of an account created before and reloaded by check, transfers, sorts or meal vouchers (unavailable at present).

The cycle begins. The pizza, stored in its box in cold room is transferred towards the oven part. In front of the oven, the box is automatically opened. The pizza, lifted up with its aluminum plate is introduced into the pulsed air oven. The duration of cooking, the power and the temperature are managed by computer according to the garnish type and the anteriority of the pizza in the cold room.

Extracted from the oven, the box is closed. It is then evacuated via the exit tunnel to be delivered to the customer less than 3 minutes later, warm in heart, gilded and crunchy. For a cool pizza to be cooked at home and shared in family, it will follow the same cycle without passing by the oven. For several orders, the recording of the payment or the change back will be made only once the last pizza will be delivered to the customer.