The vending industry

Why this new kind of distribution appeals more and more consumers?

PIZZADOOR un marche exponentielConsumers are turning to this new mode of consumption combining speed, freedom and user-friendliness.

They want to have access at any time to fresh and traditional pizzas from traditional pizzerias

PIZZADOOR responds perfectly to this new demand, which has transformed in a few years into an exponentially developing market!

Pizzaiolo, answer the demand and increase your turnover with PIZZADOOR !

  • Serve more towns around
  • Reduce your waiting time at the pizzeria
  • Grow faster than your competitors
  • Serve your customers outside of your schedule
  • Consumers have changed their behavior about vending machines but demand quality!

Consumers are looking for quality and reliance !

The image of pizza vending industry has improved for the majority of consumers. In order to appeal to customers with a fresh product, consumers must be totally seduced by the vending machine, which must reflect tradition, quality, reliability and safety. ADIAL understands these new demands from an increasingly demanding clientele. PIZZADOOR has been developed for this purpose. A modern mode of distribution 100% FrenchFor demanding pizza professionals !