Shéma du distributeur automatique de pizzas PIZZADOOR

From pizzaiolo to consumer

Prepare homemade pre-cooked pizzas

The pizzas are prepared every day in the pizzeria’s laboratory. The manufacturing method is artisanal. A wide range is offered to customers.

Place the pizzas in boxes in the cold room at 3 ° C from the dispenser

The pizzas are stored fresh in a cold room regulated at 3 ° C. The temperature is controlled by the computer. In case of problem, the manager is immediately alerted by email. The machine automatically manages the shelf life.

At the request of the consumer, cooking in less than 3 minutes!

The consumer selects his pizza through an animation on a big screen. He can place a cold or hot order. Depending on the choice, the pizza is introduced into a traditional oven and then delivered to the consumer.

The distribution cycle of a pizza with PIZZADOOR


  • The computer manages the stock of pizzas in the cold room, their shelf life and cooking.
  • The pizzas, precooked are deposited in the distributor. The cold room (3 ° C) can hold up to 70 pizzas for 72 hours.
  • The robotic tray extracts the selected pizza and positions it in front of the oven.
    The mechanism lifts the lid, stuffs the pizza with its box and raises the pizza from its box (the cartons are approved for cooking).
  • The pulsed heat oven heats the dough and cooks the filling in 3 minutes. Each pizza can have different cooking parameters.
  • Once cooked the pizza is repositioned in its box and the lid folded. Then, it is served to the consumer.


Validation of the payment once the pizzas are delivered

The registration of the payment or the return of money will be done once the last pizza delivered to the customer.