General Conditions of Use of MyPizzaDoor-Pro App

ADIAL operates a mobile Application and a website under the name “MyPizzaDoor-Pro”, the objective of which is to provide the User with the tools to remotely manage the ADIAL vending machines.
By using the MyPizzaDoor-Pro Application and website, the User accepts these General Conditions of Use and undertakes to respect them.

ADIAL reserves the right to modify these Conditions of Use at any time and undertakes to inform the Users thereof within a reasonable time, by any means.
For the purposes hereof, the following terms are defined as follows, and can be used interchangeably in the singular and the plural:


1. Use of the Application

1.1. Description of the Application
To access the Application, you must download it from the application download platforms for mobile customers via a mobile terminal or use an installation link provided by ADIAL.

The Application allows the User, on a single vending machine or on several belonging to the same fleet:

1.2. Push Notifications
Push Notifications provide the User with information relating to critical anomalies that have occurred in their vending machines.
The User will only receive Push Notifications if they have activated the option in their phone. The Application Push Notifications settings can be changed in the phone settings.

2. Protection of personal data

2.1. Personal data
By using the Application, the User agrees to provide a certain amount of personal data which will be processed in accordance with the current regulations applicable on the protection and processing of personal data and in particular amended Law No. 78-017 of 6 January 1978 relating to data processing, files and freedoms and Regulation (EU) 2016/769 of the European Parliament and of the Council on data protection of 27 April 2016.

2.2. Purposes of processing the User’s personal data
The information collected by ADIAL is subject to computer processing intended for:

The data collected directly or indirectly by ADIAL are necessary for this processing and are intended for the relevant services of ADIAL, in particular the After-Sales Service, as well as, if applicable, its subsidiaries, partners, subcontractors or service providers for the strict needs of their mission.

2.3 Data collected
The mandatory data collected for the creation of a profile in order to benefit from all the features of the Application are only the User’s e-mail address.
Moreover, independently of the creation of a profile by the User, the use of the Application makes it possible to collect the User’s name, first name, title, mobile phone number, landline number.

2.4 Data retention period
The data collected by ADIAL is kept for the duration of the use of the Application and for 3 years from the last use of the Application.
Some of this data may be archived in order to establish proof of a right or a contract or when legal or regulatory obligations so require. Access to archived data will be strictly reserved for the relevant services of ADIAL. This data can only be archived for the time necessary for the fulfilment of these legal or regulatory obligations or for a period not exceeding the legal period of limitation of ordinary law.

2.5 User rights
The User has the right to ask the data controller for access to, rectification or deletion of the data or limitation of processing, as well as the right to object to processing and the right to portability for transmission to a third party, the right to withdraw their consent at any time, the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.
The User can also send instructions to ADIAL in order to define the condition of use, retention and communication of their personal data after their death. The instructions given by the User have an effect limited to the data collected by ADIAL in the context of the use of the Application.
If the User wishes to exercise these rights, all they have to do is make a request to the following address: 87 rue Alexandre Fleming 14100 Lisieux, France, and attach, if necessary, any document to prove their identity and their request.

3. Intellectual property

3.1. General points

The entire Application is protected by applicable intellectual property regulations.
Apart from all the media imported by the User into the Application, all trademarks and/or all copyrights, including texts, icons, pictograms, graphics, photographs, maps, logos, videos, sounds, software, databases, present in the Application are the property of ADIAL or its partners. Any reproduction or use
of any kind is prohibited without the prior written authorization of ADIAL or the partner concerned.
The non-compliance of this prohibition constitutes an act of forgery which may engage the civil and/or criminal liability of its author. ADIAL reserves the right to initiate legal proceedings against any person who does not comply with this prohibition.
Likewise, it is strictly prohibited to use or to reproduce the name “ADIAL” and/or its logo, alone or in association, for any reason whatsoever and on any medium whatsoever without the prior written consent of ADIAL.
It is also prohibited to use or reproduce the names “Pizzadoor”, “MyPizzaDoor”, “MyPizzaDoor-Pro”, and/or their logos, alone or in association, for any reason whatsoever and on any medium whatsoever without the prior written consent of ADIAL.

3.2. Use of the Application by the User
The User benefits, under these General Conditions of Use, from a revocable, paid, non-exclusive and worldwide license to use the Application and take advantage of its various features, in accordance with the General Conditions of Use.
The User is prohibited from letting third parties in their name: (i) make or distribute copies of the Application, (ii) attempt to copy, reproduce, alter, modify, reverse engineer, disassemble, decompile, transfer, exchange or translate the Application; or (iii) create derivative works of the Application of any kind.
The User, or any person acting on their behalf, refrains from having recourse by any means (automated systems or software, etc.) to extracting data from the Application for commercial purposes.
The User must check the conditions, in particular the financial conditions, of the contract with their mobile phone operator and/or their internet access provider for downloading and using the Application on their mobile phone or mobile terminal used. It is possible that the mobile phone operation and internet service provider charges the User for access to network connection services for the duration of the connection or that such third party charges arise. The User accepts responsibility for such charges.
If the User is not the payer of the bill for internet access or the mobile phone or mobile terminal used to access the Application, it is their responsibility to obtain the permission of the payer of the bill to use the Application.
The User must also take care not to use the Application in a way that is likely to distract or prevent them from complying with the highway code or driving safety rules.

3.3. Modification of the Application
ADIAL reserve the right to modify or withdraw the Application or to charge for the use of all or part of the Application, and at any time and for any reason whatsoever.

4. Availability
ADIAL reserves the right to interrupt the availability of the Application at any time, and without notice, in particular with a view to preventive, evolving or curative maintenance operations. In the event of interruption of the Application, ADIAL undertakes by any means to inform the Users thereof and will implement all reasonable means to remedy it as soon as possible.
The User acknowledges that the Application is provided by means of the internet and mobile networks and therefore that factors beyond the reasonable control of ADIAL may have an impact on the quality and the availability of the Application.
ADIAL cannot be held liable for the unavailability of the Application or any difficulty or inability to download or access the content or any other failure of the communication system which could make the Application unavailable.

5. Responsibilities
The information communicated on the MyPizzaDoor-Pro Application is provided for reference only, it is not contractual and does not engage the responsibility of ADIAL.
The Application may display content that does not belong to ADIAL. These contents are the sole responsibility of the partner who made them available. In no case, can ADIAL be held responsible for:

Furthermore, in order to ensure the confidentiality of the information given and contained in the Profile, access to the features of the Application is only possible after an identification process. The User must enter their e-mail address and password only known to them and guaranteeing a sufficient level of security. The User will bear sole responsibility for any damage resulting from the communication of their identifiers to a third party. In the event of loss, theft or compromise of their authentication device, the User must immediately inform ADIAL using the following address

The customer undertakes to respect the conditions of use of the application, and to take all the necessary precautions for the security of their authentication data allowing them to access their Personal Space.

7. Applicable law and competent jurisdiction

These General Conditions of Use, the Application and all consequences of its use are governed by French Law.
The User of the Application accepts that any dispute relating to the interpretation and/or execution of the General Conditions of Use is, as far as possible, settled during amicable negotiations. Failing that, and within the limits of the applicable law, the dispute will be submitted to the assessment of the court of the domicile of the defendant.

8. Credits
Application edited, designed and developed by:
87 rue Alexandre Fleming, 14100 Lisieux
RCS Lisieux B 441 698 784B

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