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How PIZZADOOR works ?

A hot and crispy pizza…

Comment fonctionne PIZZADOOR

1 – Preparation :

Prepare and pre-cook your homemade pizzas

2 – Storage :

Place the pizzas in boxes in the cold room of the machine

3 – Sale 24/7 :

PIZZADOOR serves your pizzas 24/7!



Vending machine of fresh pizzas

Prepare your 70 home made fresh pizzas, place them individually in their box and then, place each box in the cold room.

PIZZADOOR will do the rest…

Within 3 minutes, a cooked and crunchy pizza!

Talented pizzaïolo, increase your incomes while improving your comfort of life,

  • Design with strong power of sale
  • Simple and friendly machine interface for the consumer
  • High-performance oven for a traditional cooking
  • Management of the expiration date, in according to the standards of food hygiene

Pizzadoor 3D

Sales record

Over 1 day: 208 pizzas sold

Over 31 days: 3301 pizzas sold

Over 1 year: 23,209 pizzas sold

1 year turnover: turnover of 204 252 €

Artisan average 2017: 24.5 pizzas/day


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Buzz in USA !

Americans students are amazed by discovering the 1st distributor ADIAL, installed in Cincinnati at Xavier University !

Etudiant devant Pizza ATM - Xavier University - distributeur ADIAL