Distributeurs automatiques de pizzas et de paninis/tacos

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ADIAL: improved international expansion and leadership in the manufacture of pizza and panini/taco vending machines!

Discover the PIZZADOOR and PANIDOOR distributors, a perfect combination of innovation, reliability and profitability, with all the features needed to successfully win over new markets around the world.

Thanks to our innovations, our consumer observations and our experience with more than 2,500 distributors with products and installations, we have developed and consolidated our business in a booming sector.

Today, ADIAL is stepping up its international expansion.
Present in over::
30 countries
outside mainland France
Delivery of more than:
300 distributors
including 86 shipped by 2022

ADIAL also has a Canadian manufacturing plant called CANADIAL, as well as a large number of dealers throughout the world, predominantly in Europe (from Scandinavia to the Iberian Peninsula, via Eastern Europe), and also on the export market, particularly in North America, Overseas France and even Mongolia!

Do you have an export project?
We're open to opportunities!

Contact us now using our contact form, providing as many details as possible so that we can offer you the solution best suited to your needs.

Our export team will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your project in detail.

Thanks to our experience and know-how, we’ll be able to advise you on the best location for your distributor, as well as on transport and personalisation.

To meet international demand, we’re always looking to expand our network of partners around the world. The partner profiles can vary depending on the project: they can be resellers of our machines or operate their own network of pizza brands. They are responsible for overseeing the installation and technical monitoring of machines in a given area or for their own fleet.

Become an ADIAL dealer and take advantage of an unrivalled growth opportunity in the pizza, panini and taco vending market!

Would you like to become an ADIAL dealer? Applications to become an ADIAL distributor should be sent to export@adial-france.com to receive full documentation on our products and prices.

ADIAL distributor profile

As an ADIAL distributor, you are responsible for respecting our values and applying our know-how. You also need to be familiar with import procedures and the specific standards of your country. You will need to train your technicians to manage their fleets of machines independently. You'll also be responsible for the proper management of distributor locations, machine commissioning and maintenance in your area.
To obtain ADIAL distributor status, you must submit a request to our company, providing a detailed description of your profile and your project. Once the selection criteria have been met, ADIAL will consider your application and may grant you distributor status. This implies mutual respect for contractual obligations throughout our commercial relationship. Our export team will be available and provide you with any support you need to set up your project, to ensure that it is completed in the best possible conditions and on time.
With exponential growth of over 70% in 2018 on the French market, ADIAL is opening the doors to an unprecedented business opportunity. Join us and dive into the exciting world of delicious pizza, panini and taco automatic vending machines. By choosing ADIAL, you benefit from comprehensive support and unrivalled sharing of expertise. We offer you specific training, both in the optimum use of our distributors and in the technical skills needed to maintain our machines. This training is given by our experts at ADIAL's head office and lasts from 5 to 7 days, depending on the profile and the project. By becoming an ADIAL distributor, you benefit from ongoing support to ensure your success. We put all our expertise and experience at your disposal to help you thrive in this fast-growing market.

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