Founded in 2002, ADIAL is the leading designer and manufacturer of automated pizza vending machines. It has consistently invested in researching and developing new products and technologies.

The manufacturing operation is located in a plant in Lisieux, Normandie (France).

Its accumulated experience, as well as the successes recorded into its domestic market with a significant growth over 30% / year for the last 4 years, allows ADIAL to consider an international expansion.


ADIAL’s policy for export is based on partnership with local exclusive distributors, who benefit from its experience in France. ADIAL having built its success on product and service excellence, aims to select long term first class distributors.

The exclusive distributor is in charge of importing, marketing, installing and commissioning the vending machines, as well as supplying the necessary after sales services.

The distributor technical staff has to be trained by ADIAL in its factory in Lisieux for 4 to 8 working days, in order to develop the necessary skills. ADIAL team is remaining as technical expertise center.

You may be interested in becoming the exclusive distributor of ADIAL in your region. Please, apply by sending a description of your organization and projets to : commercial@adial-france.com

ADIAL Distributors

ADIAL distributor in Algeria:

MAC DISTRI – http://www.macdistri.com/ – contact@macdistri.com
Cellphone:   05 42 81 70 34 / 05 52 24 82 54 –  Tel : 021 73 02 80


ADIAL distributor in Belgium:

PIZZA RONALDO –  www.pizza-ronaldo.com – +32 477 241 424


ADIAL distributor in Canada:

TFI FOOD EQUIPMENT – info@tficanada.com – http://www.tficanada.com/

Phone: +19057902211 or toll free (Canada) 1-800-387-2529


ADIAL distributor in Catalonia (Spain):

PIZZATECH – info@pizzatech.cat – www.pizzatech.cat



ADIAL distributor in United Arab Emirates (GCC countries) :

SMARTICA AUTOMATIC SALES EQUIPMENTS – sales@smarticainc.comhttps://smarticainc.com/

Tel: +971 58 500 5868


ADIAL distributor in Spain (except Catalonia)

CYGNUS VENDING – info@cygnus-vending.com – www.cygnus-vending.com –

Tel: +34 622133303


ADIAL distributor in Guadeloupe

KOTE PLAGE – cote_plage@yahoo.fr – Contact: Sylvie SANDOZ +590 690 439162


ADIAL distributor in Norway:

CIAOPIZZA – pizza@ciaopizza.no- www.ciaopizza.no  (under construction)


ADIAL distributor in Switzerland

PIZ’O’MAT – info@pizomat.ch – www.pizomat.ch