Maintenance & support

Based on a successful team in the domains of computing, automatism, electricity and air conditioning, the technician ADIAL can operate 5 days a week on the territory and to assist by phone until 7 days a week to prevent any risk of incidents.

In the great majority of the cases, incidents are resolved via cable connections, between the distributors and the ADIAL maintenance server. This remote efficiency allows the ADIAL distributors to have a very low breakdown rate.

For the best use of the distributor beyond the first year of guarantee, ADIAL proposes through its service of maintenance and remote assistance, hotline, maintenance and extension of guarantee contracts.

  • Hotline contract 5 days / 7 or 7 days / 7 – further to a call of the owner, an ADAIL technician identifies via the cable connection the incident and, if it is possible resolve it immediately.
  • Service contract – Associated with a hotline contract, it allows in case of incident a ADAIL technician to operate directly on the distributor under 2 working days after a customer call.
  • Contract of extension of guarantee – allows the customers ADIAL, to have an equipment with the same services as in the year of guarantee beyond contractual period.